Simply Hooked – the extra mile we go for our clients

Recently, a little journey involving a set of hay hooks took us around the world to show that we love to go above and beyond for our clients.

Recently, a little journey involving five hay hooks took us around the world to show that we love to go above and beyond for our clients.

After some negotiations, our buyers who are totally in love with the overall look and very tasteful style of the house were smitten with the five beautiful Scandinavian-looking hay hooks that were hanging in the entrance hall, which they considered to be the finishing touch to the beautiful décor of their soon-to-be abode.

To their dismay, these happened to be excluded from the sale of the property, as they were of sentimental value to the owners, a precious gift to them when they had their children.

We decided to source the hay hooks as both the seller and the purchaser wanted them so badly. As a starting point, we enquired locally, however, we discovered that it would take between 10 and 13 weeks for them to arrive in Cape Town…. which would not do as transfer was imminent, but we were determined not to be defeated.

Denmark, being the source of the hay hooks, was the next obvious destination and after every attempt – including several calls, emails and loads of help from Karin’s husband – we found that they were out of stock. Someone in Denmark then suggested that we explore Vienna, which as it turns out, was absurdly out of stock too. Hay hooks were in demand, it would seem…

Eager to find a solution and now pressed for time, Karin contacted her friend Silvia who lives in Vienna and tasked her to search around for the sought-after items. After some vigorous shopping, Silvia finally found them in London and immediately had them shipped to Vienna. They will accompany her and her family to Mykonos, where she will meet Karin to do the handover whilst on holiday.

To our clients’ delight, after an intense quest, the hay hooks will arrive in Cape Town on the very date of the transfer to add the charm to a special occasion, confirming that no lengths are too great when it comes to the happiness of our clients.

And that is the story of the HAY HOOKS