Golden visa information

Golden Visa

The golden visa is a Portuguese residency permit that allows free movement in the Schengen zone of 26 countries for 5 years.

Golden visa holders can also apply for family reunification and will, after a period of 5 years, be granted permanent residency where in the 6th year Portuguese citizenship can be applied for. This is dependent on current legal provisions, provided they pass a basic language test and demonstrate an affiliation to Portugal.

Types of investment.

Invest capital

  • Minimum capital investment of €1000 000 via a standard savings bank account or investment in Portuguese equities.

Acquire property

  • Minimum value of €350 000 unencumbered (property older than 30 years)
  • Multiple properties may be purchased
  • All properties can be rented out (long/short term)
  • For acquisitions exceeding €500 000 a bond at 2% rate can be facilitated
  • Co-ownership is permitted provided each individual invests the minimum €500 000

Job creation

  • Employ at least 10 workers at minimum wage
  • Employees must be registered with the social security department

Minimum stay in Portugal

period                                                        minimum stay

year 1                                                             7 days

years 2 & 3                                                   14 days

years 4 & 5                                                   14 days                                                                                          


Additional terms

  • Funding for investment must come from abroad, outside of Portugal
  • The investment must be retained for at least 5 years
  • Prior to receiving temporary residence all entry into Portugal must be with a valid Schengen visa
  • Absence of criminal conviction

Family reunification

Residence permits can also be granted to family members of an eligible main applicant through this procedure. These dependents may apply for the Golden visa concurrently to the main investor, provided that they are under the age of 18 or are enrolled in full time study. Parents over the age of 65 also qualify.

Permanent residency

Permanent residency will be granted to those who have successfully renewed their temporary residence for a full 5 year period and have met the following requirements:

  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal
  • Basic knowledge of the Portuguese language
  • Proof of income/financial independence
  • Absence of relevant criminal convictions during the 5 year period

Portuguese citizenship

The process

The following conditions are required for a foreign national and his/her family to apply for Portuguese citizenship:

  • Applicant has been a resident in Portugal for 6 years under a temporary or permanent residency permit
  • Demonstrate sufficient fluency if the Portuguese language (A2 level)
  • Has a clean criminal record

European Accord 

It is a similar family reunification process as that of the Golden Visa, but one member of the family must hold EU citizenship. A legitimate rental agreement instead of a property purchase will suffice.

Business Development Accord

Actual registration and starting of a company. A business plan, social security registration etc is required.

The residence process is the initial application – for one year, then two years and then another two years making a total of five years to Permanent Resident.

Citizenship requires a further one year before application.

Private medical care is not necessary as medical is covered by the social security contribution.

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