An Introduction

For Karin and Louise property is the best and most tangible  investment and  for the last 24 years Cape Town has been our chosen place to sell property. We recently have embarked on a new venture that has taken us to Portugal, which we are excited to share with you.

It is so exciting for us to identify another country where there are so many positive factors encouraging us to encourage you to buy. It may be a pure investment. It may be for a golden visa… or it might be a holiday home on a surf beach….we can assist with any of your wishes.

Love for Portugal was ignited when Louise came back from a trip and regaled how she fell head over heels for this gorgeous and unpretentious country. With the fabulous people, mouth-watering food and beautiful shoes, what was not to love – and this adoration only deepened as we discovered more, the seed was planted that it would be a wonderful idea to expand our offering to our South African clients, whereby we could help them source their dream property in Portugal and get a golden visa.

To make this possible, we are working in collaboration with an agency in Portugal who, like us, offer  a personalized approach with passion and care.

Without hesitation, we are delighted to offer the following properties as a teaser and from here, we can arrange the introduction.

Whichever area of Portugal you are interested in, whether it be Porto in the north, the Algarve in the south, Lisbon in the middle, or a ruin somewhere isolated – simply tell us and we will take care of the rest.

Contact Information

Contact Information