All about Louise and Karin

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Louise Killeen and Karin Aggouras of RE/Max are a dynamic duo with their own customized approach to the real estate market of the City Bowl and its surrounds. Committed to excellence, they carry the personal wishes of their clients close to their hearts and diligently devote themselves to ensuring that each of these are fulfilled.

In addition to having more than thirty years of combined experience, Louise and Karin make the process effortless for their clients by conveniently eliminating the stress and complications from property transactions. Working closely with a professional photographer; trusted attorneys; reliable service providers; mortgage originators; town planners and architects amongst others, they can be entrusted with anything that revolves around the buying and selling of property.

Where the listing of properties is concerned, Louise and Karin tailor unique campaigns in relation to each and guarantee that their presentation is enticing and quality-driven. They also take an inventive and forward-thinking approach to the marketing of the properties in their portfolio, which is flexible to suit the needs of any sellers.

Combining their outstanding service delivery with their extensive knowledge of the City Bowl and its surrounds, they nurture a wealth of valued relationships and continuously give their clients the solace of knowing that they are in safe hands. The unique flair that they bring to the table, coupled with their knack for matching clients to their ideal homes, has left many beaming.

Anyone intending to sell or to purchase their dream property can rest assured in knowing that this vibrant pair are the go-to agents in the business.

We speak    Swedisch and   Dutch.

Louise Killeen

Louise Killeen is a vivacious woman with a true zest for life. She is adored by her friend circle and thrives in social situations. Among her numerous talents, she is excellent in the kitchen, whipping up delectable dishes inspired by the many exotic locations that she has been to. Her hobbies include travelling to interesting places and spending quality time with her family.


Karin Aggouras

Karin Aggouras is a go-getter with a passion for travel, tasty food and wine. She is inherently outgoing and loves the fact that her job gives her the opportunity to meet interesting people every day. Apart from enjoying daily walks with her dogs on Table Mountain, she is family-orientated and cherishes the time that she spends with her husband and two children.

It is clear to see the great match in their partnership, which is why they make such a remarkable team.