Sunshine in a bun, The Sunshine Food Co

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The bright yellow restaurant in Three Anchor Bay  “The Sunshine Food Co”, is a real Gem of a spot. When you walk in, you are surrounded by goodness; crates spilling bright produce,  and boxes with fresh fruits and microgreens are stacked against the wall. On the menu are beautiful pressed juices such as ‘Ginger Royale’ and ‘Wow,’ smoothies, and our favourite…the custom-made vegan burger patty, which in our eyes is the BEST vegan burger in town!

We wanted to know the story behind this fabulous eatery and met up with the owner Elisha Madzivadondo, a Zimbabwean immigrant farmer. The first thing we noticed when speaking with Elisha is his big welcoming smile and talking to him it quickly became evident that he puts his heart and soul into what he does. He tells us he has been vegan his whole life and what sets him apart from other vegan restaurants is that 80% of the meals prepared here include micro greens and sprouts, grown and harvested by  himself

My people think that being a vegan is for thin, white people. Some think it’s a cult, a religion or worry they will go hungry if they visit me,” he says. “I tell them, look what this government has done with the seeds. Don’t do it for the earth or the animals or to save the world. Do it for your health first and foremost.”

A vegan since the age of 15 — he didn’t know the term “vegan”. Coming from a very rural area, Elisha learned this later in life. What he did know all along is what it did to his and other people’s health. In 2013, Elisha started cultivating micro greens on a tiny plot at Oude Molen Eco Village in Pinelands. He educated himself about the art of sprouting. Shedding his butler role, Madzivadondo rented a market stall, offering vegan burgers to a suburban clientele. He sold micro greens to curious market goers on condition they return his soil, which he tends to with the utmost care.

Madzivadondo’s sprouting caught the attention of community-based practitioners, Dr. Elisabeth Parker and her husband. The Dr ‘s noted feeling fabulous and energized after eating his delicious burgers topped with micro greens. The Parkers offered to assist Madzivadondo with a stable space and so they converted their surgery space, making room for the café that he rents for a nominal amount each month. Many of their patients have become loyal customers and there s no wonder why, go see for yourself , we highly recommend this gem of a place and the whole story behind it!!

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