Mo’s daughers – Inspirational Children’s books empowering girls

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Malou Cornet, a creative, inspirational woman who is one of our clients and now a dear friend has created a series of children books that are  inspirational stories, with girls in the lead. Stories that make girls bigger through word and image. Stories and role models that show girls (and boys) that they can be anything they want, that they are amazing just the way they are.

Did you know that kids- girls and boys- believe that intelligence is a characteristic  ‘boy-thing’ as of the age of 6 years? It’s through the stories that surround them from 0-6 years old that this belief becomes a truth in their mind.  Malou wants to make sure that there are enough stories out there that tell girls that they are smart, no more stupid old fashioned stereotyping.

Don t we all know sisters, aunts, colleagues. who are smart, fierce, independent and don t need a prince on a white horse, and neither do their daughters. Malou’s mission is to change that narrative!

Thank goodness for people like Malou, as this stereotyping is still today –  in this Modern world we live in –  so on trend, especially in South Africa.

Mo’s Daughters books are  available in Dutch on and via, The English versions are coming soon.



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