A Crêpe Calling

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A Crêpe Calling

Qu’est-ce qu’on mange?

Inspired by her longing to recreate a Parisian corner in the city, Jessica Rushmere invites her customers to step off the pavement into an unforgettable experience.

Besides its infectious atmosphere and impeccable style, what immediately sets the Swan Café apart is that it is the only place in Cape Town to offer sit-down crêpes that are made according to the technique that Jessica mastered in Brittany.

Interestingly, the idea first came about during a cozy night in at home when she realized that there was nowhere to indulge in this delicacy besides at a market. Puis, channeling twenty years of styling and her previous experience as the founder of “La Petite Tarte”, she decided to make her dream a reality.

As Jessica emphasizes, this was not an overnight process. Instead, it required teamwork and a hearty dollop of passion. In addition to appointing a renowned chef consultant and a graphic designer based in New York, she collaborated with a sought-after designer to capture her essence in the café. He encouraged her personal flair, which is expressed in the graceful swan theme and in the blue that adorns the walls.

Finding the ideal location was a lucky coincidence as it was through a home renovation that she rented an apartment nearby and spotted the trendy corner. At the time, the building was under full renovation and she stumbled upon the “to let” sign in the street. It then took a glance at the floorplan and sensing the bustling streets for her to know that she wanted to be nowhere else.

Thereafter, the final stretch was an intense commotion behind the scenes to get everything together. As Jessica fondly recalls, two days before the unveiling, she had yet to see the café in lighting with everything obscured by paper. To her amazement, the end result was like the completion of a puzzle and she beamed at what she had achieved.

It is now early into business and the booming reception shows that it is a fast-growing favourite in the city. In her dreamy accent, Jessica describes the delight of seeing happy customers raving and capturing moments of enjoyment. Based on this, she says that she wants to create other babies, “little swans that is”, in the near future.

Her advice to anyone with a goal is to believe fiercely and to be passionate. She has learned that every experience along the way is invaluable, regardless of whether it is good or bad, and that you ultimately attract the right things. Nothing is an overnight story but you do what you can and you start again, if you need to. Find your passion, check the market and focus on every detail. Simply, “go for it”.


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