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Our client Nikki Booth is running fabulous Cooking Courses in Italy.

Nikki’s earliest food influences were from her mother and grandmother – both accomplished home cooks. From an early age she would watch what was happening in the kitchen and always be keen to help, thus starting the process of osmosis or self-teaching which never stops.

Having the opportunity to travel to Italy sparked a whole new interest in her subject, so much so that the country has almost become her second home. Much of Nikki’s inspiration lies in the variety of fresh seasonal Mediterranean produce available, and its simple use in Italian cooking. Among her favourite ingredients are fennel, which grows fresh in her own organic garden, artichokes, type ‘00’ flour for baking the best bread, and chocolate.

Now visiting Italy whenever her schedule allows, she is fortunate to share space in a busy family kitchen gaining wonderful exposure to techniques and secrets handed down through generations.

Please have a look at her brochure and her Facebook page for further details.


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